LGPS long term reform

Following the publication of Lord Hutton's report on public sector pension provision the coalition Government announced their intention to reform public sector schemes in line with the report recommendations. There are proposals for short and long term reforms to the LGPS subject to consultation. To keep you updated the Pensions Section will be issuing a series of bulletins and Newsletters over the coming months please see below.

Further information can also be found on the national LGPS 2014 web site (we are not responsible for the content of external websites linked from this page).

LGPS 2014 benefit calculator

LGPS 2014 National Website

Our new calculator available below enables you to estimate the projected future value of your existing and new scheme LGPS benefits on retirement. As well as being able to vary your planned retirement date, you can also change the ratio of lump sum you would like to take and your future working hours.

To get the most from the calculator it would be helpful to have your most recent annual benefit statement available:

The calculator should not be relied on for detailed retirement planning. Please see the "Explanatory Notes" contained within the calculator, regarding the assumptions used and limitations of this package.

LGPS 2014 payslip inserts - January to March 2014

We are producing a series of 3 payslip inserts, which have been sent inside all payslips issued by Staffordshire County Council, and have also been provided to all other employers. These inserts will be in payslips for January, February, and March 2014. A copy of the inserts that have been produced are avaialble for all members to see:

PDF Document Payslip Insert 1 (172 KB) Janaury 2014

PDF Document Payslip Insert 2 (114 KB) February 2014

PDF Document Payslip Insert 3 (294 KB) March 2014

LGPS is changing leaflet - June 2013

The following leaflet has been produced by the Local Government Association:

PDF Document The LGPS is changing (172 KB)

Latest joint statement - January 2013

PDF Document Statement from the LGPS Project Board (80 KB)

LGPS reform consultation

The Government has opened its consultation on the Local Government Pension Scheme 2014.  This consultation opened on 21 December 2012 and will close on 8 February 2012.   

This consultation seeks responses from interested parties on draft regulations for the new Local Government Pension Scheme to come into force in April 2014. This consultation only covers the core elements of the new scheme, in particular, the provisions relating to membership, contributions and benefits , as a result these regulations set out the position for a new scheme member who joins post April 2014 only.

A second consultation exercise covering the remainder of the new scheme will follow shortly. This is expected to cover the transitional arrangements for existing scheme members outlining how current LGPS regulations will map over and which current and existing protections will apply.

For further details on the consultation please follow the link below.  (Staffordshire County Council is not responsible for the content of external websites linked from this page).

LGPS Reform Consultation : Updated January 2013

Pension scheme update newsletter 

PDF Document Pension Scheme Update November 2012 (113 KB)

  • 2014 LGPS Update
  • Automatic Enrolment
  • Miscellaneous Regulations 

Ministerial statement - Brandon Lewis MP, November 2012

Below is a ministerial statement regarding the LGPS 2014 consultation.  We understand the intention is that the consultation on the first draft of the new regulations will take place prior to the 31 December 2012:

PDF Document Ministerial Statement (19 KB)- Brandon Lewis MP New November 2012

2014 proposals update and pension roadshows

LGPS reform bulletin No. 7 below explains the current LGPS 2014 proposals and contains details of how to book onto one of our "Roadshows" which are being held at various locations in Staffordshire during November and December 2012:

PDF Document LGPS Reform Bulletin 7 (87 KB)

Automatic enrolment

You may have seen the current Government publicity campaign for Automatic Enrolment, more information on how this could affect you can be found here:

PDF Document Automatic Enrolment Bulletin (299 KB)

Overwhelming support for new LGPS proposals 30/08/2012 

PDF Document Joint Statement - LGPS Reform Proposals (10 KB)

New 2014 LGPS proposals released 31/05/2012

The Local Government Association (LGA) and trade unions have today announced the outcome of their negotiations on new LGPS proposals (for England and Wales) to take effect from 1st April 2014.

Below is our member newsletter which explains these changes:

PDF Document New Local Government Pension Scheme 2014 newsletter (629 KB) 22/06/2012

The full proposals are subject to consultation and details can be found on the external LGPS website below.  Staffordshire County Council is not responsible for the content of external websites linked from this page:

LGPS Web site

Questions and Answers on LGPS reform

We will regularly update this page with the most topical questions surrounding the LGPS reform process:

PDF Document Questions and Answers - LGPS reform (203 KB) 02/2012

PDF Document Pension Reform Information Bulletin No 6 New (132 KB) 04/2012

PDF Document Pension Reform Bulletin No 5  (143 KB) 02/2012

PDF Document New Local Government Pension Scheme 2014 - Joint communications update 20/01/2012

An update has been produced by the Local Government Association (LGA), UNISON and GMB in order to keep members up to date with the progress against the joint principles document published just before Christmas.  The update can be found here

PDF Document Pension Reform Bulletin No 4 (82 KB) 12/01/2012

Statement by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, on Public Service Pensions 20/12/2012

PDF Document Pension Reform Bulletin No 3 (72 KB) 06/12/2011

PDF Document Focus - Edition 1 (310KB) 06/12/2011 -Spotlight on Career Average Pension Schemes (CARE) compared to Final Salary Schemes

On 02 November 2011 the Chief Secretary to the Treasury made a further statement on public sector pension reforms.  At present it is not clear how this revised proposal will translate to the LGPS. Links to the statement and full proposal document are below:

Chief Secretary to the Treasury statement

HM Treasury - Public Service Pension Reforms 

PDF Document Pension Reform Bulletin No 2 (128 KB) Updated  03/11/2011

PDF Document LGPS reform information leaflet (51 KB) October 2011

PDF Document Pension Reform Bulletin No.1  (179 KB) 04/10/2011