New Users

This service is available for active and deferred members of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) administered by Staffordshire Pension Fund and allows you to access information online relating to your membership. You will be able to check membership details and perform a number of benefit calculations. Brief details of the available screens are shown under FAQs below.

To use the system you must apply for an activation key. After you apply, it will be posted to your home address or emailed if we already hold a valid email address for you. If you have not received a benefit statement in the last 12 months or you have moved since the last correspondence from us, please send a signed letter giving your current address and tell us that you wish to use the online calculator to:

Pensions Services
2 Staffordshire Place,
Tipping Street,
ST16 2DH

We will confirm the change ASAP (by e-mail if you provide one) and you can then apply for an activation key. Please allow up to 10 working days for the key to be sent following your request, although this will hopefully be sooner. In busy periods this timescale may increase.

To use the system

Apply for an activation key

If you have more than one active and/or deferred record in our scheme you will receive a separate key for each record.

When you receive the activation key, you will need to complete your registration. This will involve choosing a password and answer two lifestyle questions.

Important - Your NI number must be entered in uppercase e.g. PC000000A

PDF Document Member Self-Service User Guide (1MB)

Deferred Members of the Staffordshire Fund

Please note if you have a deferred  pension record with the Staffordshire Pension Fund and are interested in drawing your pension early as you are over 55, the calculator is unable to carry out this calculation for you. You can , however, contact the Pension Team, to ask for figures.

There is a 3 month lead-in time for the payment of these benefits from the date of request.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see more answers on how to use the calculator service in the FAQs section.