The Policies set out below explain the Governance of Staffordshire Pension Fund and set out the duties and requirements of the Pensions Committee, the Pensions Panel and the Local Scheme Board.

Governance Policies

PDF Document Governance Policy December 2018 (1.35MB)

PDF Document Governance Policy December 2015 (200KB)

PDF Document Governance Policy April 2008 (375KB)

PDF Document Governance Policy April 2006 (97KB)

Other Policies

PDF Document Admissions and Bulk Transfers policy (297KB) May 2013

PDF Document Breaches of the Law Policy (853KB) October 2018

PDF Document Communication Policy Statement 2018 (490KB) October 2018

PDF Document Conflict of Interest Policy (483KB) December 2017

PDF Document Pension Contributions Procedural Policy (169KB) May 2016

PDF Document Risk Management Policy (386KB) April 2018

PDF Document Administration Strategy (1 MB) December 2016

PDF Document Training Policy (488KB) April 2018

PDF Document Administering Authority - Policies Document (279KB) June 2014