Deferred Members

This section is for Local Government Pension Scheme members who hold deferred benefits in the Staffordshire Pension Fund or who will be awarded a deferred benefit.

Deferred Benefit information:

The notes below explain what a deferred benefit is and when it can be paid:

PDF Document Deferred Benefits (150KB) PDF

If you wish to transfer deferred benefits held in Staffordshire Pension Fund to another pension provider, or wish to combine your deferred benefits with another employment within Staffordshire Pension Fund, you should complete the form below:

PDF Document Leaver Option form (35KB) PDF

A member who has attained age 60 (or if they left after 1 April 2014, age 55) may request their deferred benefit be brought into payment, without the need for your employer to give their permission, although the benefit may be reduced for early payment - further information can be found in the leaflet below.  The form below should be completed and returned to Staffordshire Pension Fund to claim payment.  Please note, there are two forms - one to complete if you left the scehme before 31 March 2014 (1995-2008 regulations) and the other if you left the scheme after 1 April 2014 (2014 regulations):

PDF Document Deferred Benefit Payment form (1995 - 2008 regulations) (380KB) PDF

PDF Document Deferred Benefit Payment form (2014 regulations) (377KB) PDF

PDF Document When Can I retire leaflet (154KB)

PDF Document Rule of 85 Notes (129KB)

PDF Document Changes to Late Retirement Pension Increases (133KB) **NEW 04/01/2017**

Please note: The Government Actuary's Department and Department for Communities and Local Government issued revised Early Retirement Factors on 29 April 2016.  The Reduction Factors in the "When can I Retire" leaflet are the previous factors. The "Rule of 85" notes contain the up-to-date factors.

Converting Pension to lump Sum

When you draw your pension benefits you will have the option to exchange some of your pension for a (normally) tax free lump sum. Anyone with pre April 2008 membership will have built up an automatic tax free lump sum but you have the opportunity to increase this amount if you so wish. You can use the calculator below on the LGPS national member's website to give you an estimate of how much lump sum you can take, and how this affects your yearly pension. Please note, the calculator does not take into account in-house Additional Voluntary Contributions you may hold.

LGPS National website - Lump sum modeler


Further information

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