Pensioners Newsletter

in ContactPension Services will regularly send a newsletter called "in Contact" to Scheme members in receipt of a pension, informing them of forthcoming or recent changes as well as other useful information. Copies of "in Contact" previously sent are available below:

In Contact is sent to retired members once a year.

Current Edition

PDF Documentin Contact - issue 16 Issued February 2018 (3.28 MB)

  • Welcome
  • Pensions Increase 2018
  • The work of English Heritage
  • Pension Pay Dates
  • Peak Wildlife Park
  • Pensioner Representative Vacancy
  • General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Income Tax News


Future Pension Pay Dates
Month Pay Date 
 February 2018  28/02/2018
 March 2018  29/03/2018
 April 2018  30/04/2018
 May 2018  31/05/2018
 June 2018  29/06/2018
 July 2018  31/07/2018
 August 2018  31/08/2018
 September 2018  28/09/2018
 October 2018  31/10/2018
 November 2018  30/11/2018
 December 2018  21/12/2018
 January 2019  31/01/2019
 February 2019  28/02/2019
 March 2019  29/03/2019


Final message from Eric Shaw

Despite my lack of column inches of late, I have been regularly attending the Committee meetings and keeping an eye on the Pension Fund. The good news is the Fund goes from strength to strength and has successfully weathered the multitude of National and International trials and tribulations which can so easily cause problems for the professionals whose job it is to ensure our money is wisely invested.

We regularly receive reports which not only show how the Fund is performing in terms of return on investments but also how we perform in relation to other Local Authority Pension Funds and I can say we are marginally above average.

The investment of the money is handled by private companies and their performance is monitored constantly by the Pensions Panel and expert independent advisers to ensure all are meeting their predetermined targets, or if not, why not.

From everything I have seen and heard over the past four years of my membership of the Committee I am convinced the Fund is well managed, and earning excellent returns while minimising the risks the Fund is exposed to.

Unfortunately I am unable to continue to be your representative on the Committee beyond the end of 2015, having served for 4 years so there will be an opportunity for someone else to take over my role and I hope they enjoy it as much as I have.

So I wish you all good health and many more years of drawing your pensions.

Eric Shaw


Previous Editions

PDF Document in Contact - issue 15 Issued March 2017 (515KB)

  • Welcome
  • Pensions Increase 2017
  • Baggeridge Country Park
  • Pension Pay Dates
  • National Fraud Initiative
  • Pensioner Representative Vacancy
  • The Dorothy Clive Gardens
  • Contracted – Out Pension Equivalent


PDF Document in Contact - issue 14 Issued February 2016 (327KB)

  • Welcome
  • Guaranteed Minimum Pension
  • Pensions Increase 2016
  • Changing your Bank
  • Pension Pay Dates
  • Data Matching
  • Pensioner Representative Vacancy
  • Amerton Railway
  • National Insurance Database (shared data)
  • Changes to the State Pension


PDF Document  in Contact - issue 13 Issued February 2015 (1.1 MB)

  • Pay Dates
  • Pensions Increase 2015
  • Guaranteed Minimum Pension
  • Pension Boards for the LGPS
  • Are you still working and paying into the LGPS?
  • National Fraud Initiative

PDF Document  in Contact - issue 12 Issued October 2014 (746 KB)

  • Pay Dates
  • Investment Performance 2013/14
  • Overseas Banking Facility
  • Don't rely on "Tell Us Once"
  • New Telephone System
  • National Fraud Initiative

PDF Document  in Contact - issue 11 Issued March 2014 (2.3 MB)

  • Pay Dates
  • Pensions Increase 2014
  • Guaranteed Minimum Pension
  • National Fraud Initiative
  • Querying your taxcode
  • Volunteering in Staffordshire

PDF Document  in Contact - issue 10 Issued October 2013 (761KB)

  • Pay Dates
  • Tax Codes
  • Fradley Junction
  • Royal Airforce Museum
  • Investment Performance
  • Making a Will
  • The New Victoria Theatre

Unfortunately there has been a problem with the delivery of some issues of in Contact issue 10.  The magazine is available via the link above.  If, however, you have not received your copy and would like one, please contact us by email at and we will arrange for one to be posted to you.

PDF Document in Contact - issue 9 Issued April 2013 (1.7MB)

PDF Document Amendment - spring edition of incontact bus passes (33 KB)

  • Brindley's Mill
  • Lichfield Garrick Theatre
  • Investment Performance
  • Pensioner Representative
  • Tamworth Castle
  • Pension Increase
  • Moorcroft China

PDF Document in Contact - issue 8 Issued Autumn 2012 (1.7MB)

  • Chatsworth
  • Moorland Pottery
  • Investment Performance
  • Post Retirement Marriage
  • Stafford Gatehouse Theatre
  • The Great Outdoors
  • The Samuel Johnson Museum

PDF Document in Contact - issue 7 Issued Spring 2012 (2MB)

  • Pension Pay Dates
  • Pensions Increase
  • Pension Reform
  • New Committee Member
  • Investment Performance
  • Pension Payroll Details
  • State Pension Age
  • Free Bus Travel
  • Can You Help?

PDF Document in Contact - Issue 6 Issued Spring 2011 (6MB)

NB The printed version of this issue contained an error on the graph shown on page 2; the key labels for CPI and RPIX were transposed. This has been corrected in our online version.
  • Changes to Public Sector Pensions Increases
  • Investment performance
  • Could you represent our retired members?
  • Pension payment dates
  • National Fraud Initiative

PDF Document in Contact - Issue 5 Issued Spring 2010 (1.2MB)

  • Pension payment dates
  • National Fraud Initiative
  • Pension Increase information
  • Pension Fund Update
  • Contact details including Shared Service Centre

PDF Document in Contact - Issue 4 Issued Spring 2009 (501KB)

  • Pension payment dates
  • National Fraud Initiative
  • Pension Increase information
  • Pension Fund Update
  • Contact details including Shared Service Centre
  • Sudoku

PDF Document in Contact - Issue 3 Issued Spring 2008 (501KB)

  • Pension payment dates
  • Payslip explanation
  • Pension Increase information
  • Pension Fund Update
  • Contact details including Shared Service Centre
  • Crossword