The Pensions Section team

The Staffordshire Pension Fund administers the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) for over 400 employers and over 107,000 members in the Staffordshire area.

Employers include:

  • local unitary councils
  • universities, academies
  • town and parish councils
  • housing associations
  • charities

The fund is administered Staffordshire County Council who are legally responsible for the fund. The council delegates its responsibility for administering the fund to the Staffordshire Pension Fund Committee, which is its formal decision making body.

Administration team

The team focuses on:

  • pension calculations for members
  • timely payment of benefits to its members
  • accurate information about the pension fund
  • support and training to employer organisations in the scheme

The team also provides members with:

  • an annual benefit statement, outlining their current pension benefits, sent by 31 August (for ‘active’ and ’deferred’ members)
  • regular newsletters outlining pension topics and any law/regulation changes (at least once a year, and within three months of any regulation changes)
  • a secure portal called my pension online. Members can access their pension account online at any time

Finance and investments team

The team focuses on:

  • the investment, actuarial and financial aspects of the fund
  • implementing and monitoring compliance with the fund's investment strategy
  • managing the triennial actuarial valuation and liaising with employers on actuarial issues and outsourcing of services
  • managing the fund's accounts