Employer Forum

Pensions Consultative Forum

The Pensions Consultative Forum, consisting of representatives from all Scheme Employers in the Fund, as well as Trade Unions, meets at least annually (for an Annual General Meeting (AGM)). The Forum’s 6 nominated representatives also attend the quarterly meetings of the Pensions Committee in a non-voting capacity.

The AGM provides a formal means for communication and consultation about the activities and governance of the Staffordshire Pension Fund, and will typically:

  • receive the Annual Report and Accounts of the Fund;
  • consider a report on the assets, liabilities and the solvency of the Fund;
  • consider a report of the investment arrangements of the Fund;
  • consider an account of the performance of the investment arrangements of the Fund;
  • discuss the principles and practices of the interaction between the  administering authority and Participating Bodies regarding the Fund; and
  • consider any other business that is consistent with the purpose and objectives of the meeting.

Outside of the AGM, the Forum is also used as a means of consultation with Scheme Employers; for example, this may include consultation on changes to the Funding Strategy Statement or the Investment Strategy Statement.

A recent addition to the Fund’s Governance arrangements includes an Employer Focus Peer Group. The group will consist of about 15 representatives from a cross section of the Fund’s Scheme Employers and will be used for more regular engagement for the purposes of delivering appropriate training and timely information via Employer Focus Newsletters.

Meeting of 12 November 2019:

PDF Document Pension Forum Minutes - 12/11/2019

Please see below three presentations for the AGM:

PDF Document Pensions forum presentation, November 2019 (1.5 MB)  

PDF Document Hymans 191030 SPF employer forum, November 2019 (2.9 MB)  

PDF Document Pensions forum presentation - pooling, November 2019 (1.2 MB)