Retirement pack

Retirement benefits  Back to top

This covers information on the payment of your pension and lump sum, pension increase, re-employment and survivors benefits as well as a number of other areas that will be of interest to you.

Notes on retirements benefits are available in this section.


General data protection regulation (GDPR)  Back to top

Information on how this regulation affects you is on our GDPR page.

GDPR consent

We will ask you to provide your consent for us to hold this information and, where required, for us to use this information to contact you only with relation to your pension benefit.

You can withdraw your consent for Staffordshire Pension Fund to hold this information at any time. The form is routinely issued to members when they retire.


Commutation  Back to top

This is the option to give up part of your retirement pension in order to provide a lump sum retirement grant.

Notes on commutation are available in this section.


Tax declaration (tax limits)  Back to top

This covers the lifetime allowance. This is the total value of all pension benefits you can have without triggering an excess benefits tax charge.

Guidance on tax limits on retirement benefits and declaration of benefits from all sources is available in this section.


Tax declaration form 4B  Back to top

You can download and complete the form below:


Freedom and choice  Back to top

This covers how the legislation affects you as a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Information on freedom and choice is available in this section.