Known issues

 ***Restricted access for certain devices***


Please note that when using a smartphone/tablet device to access My Pension portal with an older version of the Apple IOS or Andriod (before v8) operating system, you may not currently be able to access all the features available.




The Pensions Section has recently taken delivery of an updated version of the Member Self Service calculator.  The new or changed password requirements for the system have now changed to the minimum requirements below:

Minimum 8 characters and must include at least:

  • 1 Numeric character e.g. 4
  • 1 Uppercase character e.g. A
  • 1 Lowercase character e.g. b
  • 1 Special character e.g.   ~ # ! % ^ & * etc.

Unfortunately the password set up page on the calculator does not state this requirement and we are currently working with our software supplier to update this. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 


Activation key

When requesting an activation you will see the following:

"Activation key successfully generated. If your current contact details include an e-mail address, a link to complete your registration will be e-mailed to this address, otherwise your activation key will be sent to your current postal address within 3-5 working days."

This message means that you will only receive your activation key by e-mail if your e-mail address has been previously registered with us. We do not hold member e-mail addresses for the majority of scheme members and as a result your activation key is likely to be sent by post.

Pension sharing order

If a pension sharing order debit has been applied to your record this adjustment will not be reflected in your benefits shown in "My Pension" and consequently they may be overstated.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.