The options available to you will depend on whether you are an active, deferred or retired member. They include:

  • Personal details shows personal details including your home address, which you can amend if necessary. Please note: Avoid the use of commas and quote marks (e.g. enter Bramble Cottage not "Bramble Cottage").
  • Service breaks shows details of any breaks in service such as strike action.
  • Membership details shows details of your service including any changes to your hours of work.
  • Transfer details will show any service brought into the scheme.
  • Financial details shows your start date, contribution rate and the latest pay details known to us.
  • Additional voluntary contributions and added years details includes any additional service or additional pension you are purchasing.
  • Pension details applies to deferred members only and includes the current value of the member's pension.
  • Benefit projector allows you to perform a number of benefit calculations. You can amend certain dates and use a more accurate pay figure if the one we show is out of date. If you are nearing retirement and wish to ensure your calculations are accurate you may request a written estimate via e-mail: pensions.benefitstatements@staffordshire.gov.uk. If your intended leaving date is before age 60 use deferred benefits, otherwise voluntary retirement.
  • Security options allows you to amend your password or lifestyle questions.
  • Contact us allows you to ask us a question about various topics.


In the previous version you needed a separate password for each record. Now one password will allow you to access all your eligible records (active, deferred or retired) in one place.

We are notified of your average pay around May-June each year based on pay up to the end of the previous March. The date up to which your pay is held is shown on the Financial Details screen.

If you wish to use your current salary you may do so when using the Benefit Projector. However it should be noted that benefits are based on a twelve month average. Therefore, if you are contemplating retiring within the next 12 months, please request an estimate in writing to:

Pension Services Section,
Staffordshire Place 2,
Tipping Street,
ST16 2DH


You can amend contact details yourself by selecting "change contact details" on the personal details screen. Please be aware that you should not use quote marks or commas in your address as this can cause problems when we run certain programs such as Annual Benefit Statements.

For any other amendments please contact us.

The online details are a copy of the records we actually hold and they are updated overnight except at weekends.

It should be noted that while some changes such as marital status can usually be done quite quickly, other amendments (such as an hour change) may need further investigation from external sources. You should therefore allow a couple of weeks before querying why the change has not been implemented.


You can request further information and send queries by asking a question in the contact us section.

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