How much will it cost me?

The contribution rate you pay in the LGPS is based on how much you are paid. The rate you pay depends on which pay band you fall into. 

There are nine different pay bands with contribution rates ranging from 5.5% to 12.5% of your pensionable pay. 

If you elect to pay less contributions by joining the 50/50 section of the scheme, you will pay half the normal contribution rate.


BandPensionable pay rangeMain section contribution rate50/50 section contribution rate
1 Up to £14,100 5.5% 2.75%
2 £14,101 to £22,000 5.8% 2.9%
3 £22,001 to £35,700 6.5% 3.25%
4 £35,701 to £45,200 6.8% 3.4%
5 £45,201 to £63,100 8.5% 4.25%
6 £63,101 to £89,400 9.9% 4.95%
7 £89,401 to £105,200 10.5% 5.25%
8 £105,201 to £157,800 11.4% 5.7%
9 £157,801 or more 12.5% 6.25%

Paying less contributions?

The LGPS offers you the flexibility to stay in the scheme at such times and continue to build up valuable pension benefits.

You can elect to pay half your normal contributions and build up half your normal pension. This is known as joining the 50/50 section of the LGPS. 

You will be automatically enrolled into the main section when you join the scheme. Here, you will pay the normal contribution rate and build up pension in the normal way. 

If you are paying contributions in more than one job, you can elect for the 50/50 option in one, some, or all your individual employments. 

Regardless of which section you are in, you receive full life assurance cover.

When you join the LGPS your employer will decide your appropriate rate of contributions for each job you have. Your employer may decide to review your contribution rate, if for example your pay changes during the year. If this results in a change to your contribution rate they must let you know.

Election to change sections of the LGPS

To do this, please complete the election form.