What happens when I retire?

We will have to wait for confirmation of your retirement from your employer, together with details of your pay, which may not be available until after you leave.

What we need?

Once we have received the information above, we will provide you with a final estimate of benefits, together with the forms you need to complete to confirm how you want the pension to be paid. You will also need to send in copies of your birth certificate and any other certificates to confirm your marital status:

  • marriage certificate
  • civil partnership certificate
  • decree absolute

We will accept photocopies, as long as all dates are clear and easily read.


Once we have your choices, we can confirm the amounts that are due and we will pay any lump sum retirement grant as soon as possible. If we pay this amount more than 1 month after your retirement date, then we will pay interest on the amount.

The pension will be paid monthly on the last day of the month and the first pension payment we make will include any arrears of pension.

Further information can be found on our pensioner pages.