How do I get an estimate?

You may be thinking of retiring or nearing your retirement age and want to get an estimate from us about your pension benefits.

The quickest way is for you to do your own estimates. This is free of charge using the My Pension portal. This gives you access to your own pension account and, once logged in, you can use the pension calculators to produce your own estimates.

We do hold your most current pay figures so you can input them when you carry out your calculation. This will give you an indication of your pension, but if you are seriously thinking of retiring please don't make decisions about your benefits without requesting a formal estimate from us.

Your annual pension benefit statement shows the current value of your pension benefits, as well as an estimated value at your normal pension age. This is published on our online Portal every August. It's an important document so you should keep it safe. Your statement is also available by post on request in writing.

Please note: we are only obliged to provide you with one set of pension figures each year under the Pension Regulator's published requirements and this done via your annual benefit statement.


Getting a formal estimate

We will provide one additional estimate per year, on request, if you are thinking of leaving or retiring within the next 12 months. You can request your formal estimate by emailing or by writing a letter (we cannot accept estimate request by phone)

However, we will not provide you with an estimate if:

  • it is outside this 12-month period
  • you have had for more than one estimate in a year
  • it's for multiple retirement dates and/or ages

Please note: it can take a number of weeks for us to provide you with an estimate


Ill-health, flexible and redundancy retirement

If you want to get an estimate for ill-health or flexible retirement reasons or due to redundancy, then you must first speak to your employer as you will need their consent.

These estimates may only be requested by your employer.


Current restrictions due to Covid-19

Currently our staff are working from home and have very limited resources to enable us to post out estimates.

We are therefore not carrying out any estimates unless:

  • you have no access to the portal
  • you have internet connection issues
  • you are retiring in the very near future and need to discuss your options