Paying you your pension

Changes in circumstances

Please tell us about any change in circumstances which may affect how we pay you your pension. To allow us to pay your pension on the last working day of every month, we must first prepare the records meaning that any changes to address or bank details we receive after payroll calculation will not be updated until the following month.


We will issue you with a P60 every April. It is not possible to provide you with a replacement, but the information can be confirmed in letter format, if required. To request this information please get in touch.

Tax code queries

We apply tax codes as directed by HMRC. We are not able to tell you why you have a particular tax code.

If you have a query about the tax code assigned to your pension, you should contact HMRC.

Cost of living increases

Any LGPS pension increase is determined by the previous September's consumer  price index (CPI). If an increase is due it is applied to your pension whether you are a retired member or receiving a survivor’s pension.

The only exception is if you are a retired member under age 55. Retired members under 55 do not generally receive a pension increase except for certain ill health cases.

If you haven’t been receiving your pension for a full year, then you won’t get a full year’s increase.